CoSpaces Edu: Create virtually anything

Discover how you can bring CoSpaces Edu into the classroom and engage your students to create virtually anything.

Microsoft apps to be embedded into edtech powerhouse PowerSchool;s ;Unified Classroom;

Microsoft is making yet another push into the classroom. But this time, it;s using the buddy system, today announcing a high-profile partnership with education technology standard-bearer PowerSchool.

Easy Ways to Group Your Students Digitally

Easy ways to group your students digitally. Many options are offered in this post that can be used on Chromebooks, laptops, computers and iPads. There are also an option for Google Drive!

10 Good Resources for Math Teachers and Students

One of the things that I wish that I had done when started this blog was to build pages like Larry Ferlazzo;s ;Best Resources for X; lis...

EdTech Should Change the Way Teachers Teach - The Tech Edvocate

For a long time, teaching was teacher-centered: the teacher dispensed information through lecture, handouts, or presentations; the students absorbed the information by listening and taking notes. It was repetitive, could become monotonous, and left little room for student exploration or creativity. It was also detrimental to students who couldn’t keep pace with the teacher’s lessons or students who learned in way different from the teacher’s presentation The past ten years have seen a surge in student-centered learning, and the integration of technology into the classroom makes it increasingly easy to create engaging lessons that reach a variety of learners in ;

Perspective | What teens wish their parents knew about social media | Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching

;When teens were asked, recently, if they believe their parents know ;a little; or ;nothing; about what they do or say online, or even what social-media apps and sites they use, more than a quarter of them agreed. After visiting schools around the country, it seems to me they;re likely giving th...

World Leading Premium Automobile Manufacturer Selects PTC PLM Solution and ThingWorx Navigate - All The Internet Of Things

All The Internet Of Things - The most comprehensive ; up to date source of IoT news

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