Introduction to the JDK HTTP Client

Angular 2 Architecture - DZone Web Dev

An introductory look at the architecture an of Angular 2 application, and how modules, components, servers and services, and roots all fit together in Angular.

How SnotBots, Surveys and NASA Are Saving Our Oceans | Big Cloud Recruitment

One of the biggest problems we face today is the impact we’re having on the natural world, and there are many projects looking to save it.

Big Data Is Overrated Compared To Human Ingenuity

Those who are experts in what big data can do aren’t going to be as successful as those who truly know how to show what it can do.

Daily jQuery

A selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos recommended by Mike Costall

Essential React Libraries in 2018 - ReactJS News

But in the end, when implementing a larger application, you need a couple of more libraries to have a sophisticated web application with React as its core. The following article will give you an opinionated approach to select from these libraries to build a sophisticated React application. In plain JavaScript, it would be possible to ; Continue reading ;Essential React Libraries in 2018;

AT;T XGS-PON Field Trial Boosts ONAP Network Control - Money Health Finance

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