The Future of IoT at Work

The great data science hope: Machine learning can cure your terrible data hygiene | ZDNet

Data lakes didn't quite pan out so now it's all about an abstraction layer and machine learning to save the day. Hopefully, machine learning can cleanse your data on the fly since humans have proved repeatedly they aren't meticulous enough.

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Deep Learning: Artificial Neural Networks with Python

This online course is designed to teach you how to create deep learning Algorithms in Python by two expert Machine Learning ; Data Science experts( Kirill Eremenko ; Hadelin de Ponteves). T…

Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018

Gartner recently highlighted the top strategic technology trends that will impact most organizations in 2018.

Key Features of Hadoop

What are the main top key features of Hadoop such as it is Cost Effective System, Large Cluster of Nodes, Parallel Processing, Distributed Data, Automatic Failover Management, Data Locality Optimization, Heterogeneous Cluster and Scalability.

Data Science Startup Accern Raises $2.1 Million In Pre-Series A Funding

Data science startup closes second funding round of 2017 to broaden client base and diversify data partnerships.

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