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The Rise of Chatbots: ECommerce Rebirth Against the Hype

At the very end of 2017 VisualCapitalist published an article stating which industries in the IT field have been the most overhyped and…

6 Must Have Apps, Tools, and Resources for Gifted Children - The Tech Edvocate

Spread the loveWhen you have 25 students in your classroom, it’s challenging to differentiate instruction for varying ability levels. As you work to help struggling students catch up, your gifted students may be twiddling their thumbs, having long ago completed the “easy” assignment. It’s important to continue challenging these gifted students. Otherwise, they may become disengaged and fail to reach their fullest potential. These 6 must have apps, tools, and resources for gifted children can help you keep your brightest students engaged and challenged—without using too much of your limited time. Tynker Tynker is a colorful, engaging learning system that ;


gg3D - A ggplot2 extension enabling 3D projections

Dante Labs Will Sequence 10,000 Genomes in 2 Years

Dante Labs will use its DNA testing kit to sequence the DNA of 10,000 Europeans in an effort to improve our understanding of the human genome.

Black Boys in Crisis: The Technology Vortex - The Edvocate

Spread the loveIn this series, appropriately titled “Black Boys in Crisis,” I highlight the problems facing black boys in education today, as well as provide clear steps that will lead us out of the crisis. One of the most drastic changes in the last two decades has been the digital revolution. This has transformed the American economic landscape, leading to an explosion of jobs in the digital sector and wonders such as the Internet and smartphone. However, though the Internet has certainly improved the dissemination of information, the digital revolution has also had a detrimental effect on intellectualism. I am ;

How to Secure a Teaching Position - The Edvocate

Spread the loveIn order to secure a teaching position in a public school, you must be licensed and certified to do so. There are different types of teaching licenses, including provisional, emergency, and permanent. A license authorizes you to teach, whereas a certification is an indication of what you are qualified to teach. You may also have more than one certification attached to your teaching license. Each state sets its own requirements regarding tests and minimum passing scores to achieve state certification/licensure, although alternate paths to certification do exist. The tests are typically designed to evaluate teacher candidates’ basic academic ;

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